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Sunlight reflection grids

Grids of mirrors reflect light back towards origin to cool hot geographical areas
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Have you ever seen two mirrors at right angles to each other? it always gives you a reflection of you no matter what angle you look at it from. so you apply a third mirror to this principal and make a grid of these reflectors and enstall them on the roof of every building in LA. No one gets pissed that they reflect the sun into their bedroom window, because the light is directed back towards the sun. LA is cooler people use their ac less, and less Electricity is used. and no more shortage. (well atleast for a year or so, untill the bollocks it up someother way).

BTW this idea is in no way indicative of any belief in global warming.

davidcreede, Jul 24 2003


       "LA is cooler people use their ac less..."
Not much, because all you're reflecting is light that would have hit the roof, not the light hitting everything else. Do a HB search on "Albedo".
phoenix, Jul 24 2003

       [phoenix] Actually, you'd reduce AC by quite a bit - roof loads are generally the largest heat load in a house (especially a ranch style house in L.A., and most there are ranch style). However, I agree that a high albedo roof would be a much more practical solution.
Worldgineer, May 18 2004


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