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Trespass Reef Creation

Oh, you want to come here?
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The "Pristine Seas" project is setting up marine sanctuaries.

They believe that if a large fishing boat arrives, it could decimate the ecosystem (by depleting the top predators) in 1 month.

And, due to it's remote location, there's doubt anyone can respond.


OK, so fish in the open ocean need the short-supply of surface areas. Sunken ships make great material for anchoring a base of a food chain, & habitat.

Alas, forthwith, any trespass (tracked by satellite) into the designated pristine areas? Our team will send you a radio message in the top 10 languages to reverse course immediately, or contribute to the ecosystem.

If they do not reverse course within 24 hours, our team will release a cruise missile to hug them.

When the wreckage of their ship descends into the pristine area, the life will embrace it, and grow & flourish even more.

Alas, this is not sustainable. After a few ships are sunk, the international community will likely not be sending fishing ships into the area anymore, and we'll lack additional submerged surface area, and will make do with what we have.

sophocles, Aug 18 2014


       Unfortunately, while sunk ships are great bases for reefs and fish habitat, the full loads of marine diesel they carry are not.   

       Those sorts of things are thoroughly cleaned out before scuttling for reef type purposes.
MechE, Aug 18 2014

       Yes, the hazmats in the ship are bad. But, the solution to pollution is dilution, & the ocean is good at that.   

       We just need to sink them before they get too close.   

       After a few years, the hazardous materials are dispersed widely & diluted to background levels, but the carcass of the ship creates lasting structure for life to anchor.   

       And, the incentive to send fishing boats here is dead.
sophocles, Aug 19 2014


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