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Sunrise Catcher

Captures sunrise every day for the lazy
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Sunrise is important for circadian rythms and sanity. It is the most wonderful part of the day and you shouldn't have to stay up all night on the 'puter as an excuse just to see it.
External video capture of the sunrise is replayed on your PC or a wall LCD or even projected against the surface of your choice (ceiling?)
Benefits: New pretty image every day and you don't have to waken early to enjoy it!
Pull the curtains and set the projector to start at your preferred hour of awakening.
subflower, Oct 14 2005

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       double up with dawn chorus audio recording.
po, Oct 14 2005

       Add rooster=Rooster Clock.
skinflaps, Oct 14 2005

       Wasn't it Archimedes who said, "Give me big enough light and a place to stand, and I'll give you sunrise whenever and wherever you want it."?
reensure, Oct 14 2005

       or Cecil B DeMille
po, Oct 14 2005

       The philanthropist who handed out suckers to kids because, he said, "There's one born every minute I'm unhappy."?
reensure, Oct 14 2005

       Anyone remember [DrCurry]'s "Sunset Webcam"? (Apart from me, of course.)
angel, Oct 17 2005

       If I remember correctly, HD-Net has Nature Shows with High Definition nature scenes, if don't think that there is music, but I am not sure, maybe there is a Sunrise episode, I remember seeing a swamp version with alligators in HD! Very Cool!
EdisonEnvy, Nov 30 2009


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