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Full service shower massagers...
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Hop in, press the "pre-Wash" button, apply the soft mist liberally.

Press the "soap" button, get every last nook and cranny with this powerfull but comfortable pulsating spray.

Press "rinse" as usuall.

Press "spot-free-rinse" for an after shower mist with a subtle floral smell.

DickWeed, Mar 03 2003

Automatic shower http://www.halfbake...0automatic_20shower
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       Can it be built for two?
Mayfly, Mar 03 2003

       //get every last nook and cranny//   

       I don't think I could trust a machine with my nooks and crannies.
Helium, Mar 03 2003

       Kind of a full-body bidet, then?
Cedar Park, Mar 03 2003

       They have them in most Asian countries, without the automation. Afterservice is great too.
FloridaManatee, Mar 04 2003


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