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Telescopic clippers

toe-jam remover sold seperately
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Face it, we're getting old.
No no, it's true and there will come a day, if any of us make it to that age, when no amount of yoga and calcium supplements will let you reach your toenails anymore.

Can't speak for anyone else but I would like to be doing my own grooming for as long as possible and to that end I envision telescopic/periscopic grip-handle toenail clippers.

Much like [rcarty]'s Foot Operated Toenail Clipper, this device would rest on the floor but your toe would be inserted into a nested retractable sleeve.
This serves two purposes; it adjusts the the clippers to an aproximate position by sizing your toe in the same way you would measure for buying a ring, and it gently pulls the skin around the nail back for less chance of nicks.

The extendable handle/ grip cutter has an eyepeice and adjustable mirrors to allow close inpection of your clipping with minimal strain or bending, and the whole thing folds up to fit in a standard grooming kit.

If someone out there in the personal grooming manufacturing raquet wants to run with this I waive any rights to royalties, and if you can just get it on the market before next mother's day that'd be swell.



       There is, as always, a betterer way.   

       You know those shoe-polishers they have in hotels? And you know grinding machines? Well...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 18 2011

       [+] I'd buy one for my Dad right now!!
xandram, Jun 18 2011


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