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Super Hero Club

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A central facility for super heroes to train seems to be the only logical answer to todays decaying society. With memberships sold in a manner similar to gym memberships.

Training facilities include a work-out center, fitness trainers and maybe a pool. Fashion designers and seamstresses will help make your outfit, and repair any rips tears, etc. An armory would have all of your equipment needs. Like a grappling hooks, tranquilizer guns, swords, radios, etc. Trainers would help members practice any skill they need to fight crime (marksmanship, swordplay, boxing, flying....) Weekly seminars by professional super heroes is a must.

Every member would receive a sleek pager, just in case the entire city is in peril and all of the super heroes need to work together. That and on hell of a waiver.

swimr, Jun 30 2004


       Maybe members could register their individual super hero, like clowns do, and have weekly competitions.   

       Notice: Competition this week features, Ant Man v. Lizard Lady. Fri. 3 p.m. sharp.   

       This idea just might take off.[+]
cromagnon, Jun 30 2004

       This could an excellent PC game also, such as Championship Manager, instead of training a club you train your favourite Super-Hero eheheh.   



       P.S. - Seeing the idea "Super VIllans" reminded me that we could have also the chance to choose a Villan and train him in Evilness aswell. Then there could be also the chance of making "undercover" exchanges, between the 2 clubs.   

NeoPiter, Jul 01 2004

       They're canceling the Web-Spinning class. Only one member signed up for it.
phundug, Jul 01 2004

       Could you also train to become a superhero, or do you need powers in advance?
schematics, Jul 09 2004

       I am the primary webmaster for www.worldsuperheroregistry.com I am seriously thinking about doing something like this. I have already got the land and would have no trouble getting the real-life superhero community interested!   

KEVLEX, Apr 03 2006


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