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Super Mario Bros Cardiac Monitor

The result of too much time spent in the hospital...
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Heart rate monitors need more interest, especially in children's wings. Below the green blip line, a jumping Super Mario punching coins out of bricks at the rate of your heart, accompanied by the classic Super Mario background music would add some horribly repetitive earworm noise to an otherwise dull experience.

For comatose patients or those not yet awake from the anaestesia, the 'underground kingdom' music could play. And for patients whose hearts are racing or the nurses need called, the 'hurry up' music should kick on. Of course, for flatlines, the 'Mario loses a life' music should kick in.

RayfordSteele, Jan 28 2011

Everything is improved with Mario sound effects. http://www.mariomay...bros_nes_sounds.php
[fridge duck, Jan 28 2011]




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