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Super Solar Cells

Who needs Mercury and Venus anyway
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fly a space rocket to Mercury and Venus (hot planets) and cover the surface of the planet with solar panels, then lengthen the planet's Axis with a big conductive rod and from this put a MASSIVE wire going from these planets to earth where the electricity could be used to power pollution free cars or infact hoverboards (another post) Alternatively the solar panels could be attatched to gigantic rechargable batteries which are replaced and brought back periodically, thus powering all the world's TV remotes for centuries
dekoi, Apr 23 2001


       Where to begin...?
centauri, Apr 23 2001

       the question is, how much energy would we need TO CARRY OUT this plan? hum? keep those calculators (solar powered if you please) out
pipp, Apr 23 2001

       Venus is too cloudy. Suggest instead you use a spacetime wormhole to transport water to the inside of a steam turbine generator on Venus, and run a cable back through the wormhole to return electricity. Simple, safe, foolproof. S_Bug = 2.5
Dog Ed, Apr 23 2001

       No, Rube Goldberg is on to something here - I think you could add a couple of copper strips coincident, but just outside of each planets orbit - wrap each planet in a bit of copper foil (stripped alongside the solar panels), and add an additional Billion MegaErgs of energy to the take home. ZAP!
wasraw, Apr 24 2001

       But who poked all those holes in the firmament?
globaltourniquet, Apr 28 2001

       Encourage Jupiter to become a star by firing H-bombs at it. Then use any excess thermal energy collected to power up the air conditioniing.
lubbit, Apr 28 2001

       That's how we should have encouraged the Backstreet Boys to become stars...
globaltourniquet, Apr 28 2001


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