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The Ring of Power

Twilight Sync ring of Solar Panels
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Ring of Space Mounted Mirrors around the earth's twilight line. Possibly mounted on a chain of twiligth synch satellites hence always facing the Sun. Light is reflected to energy converter at a point where the circle is vertically above the Artic Circle from where the energy is transmitted in whatever form down to Earth. The coolest part is that one can use it a WMD. And on special request mirrors can turned to reflect energy to your roof for the extra special tan or barbecue as you may please. Mirror angles can be tweaked and aligned by on board motors on satellites.

Late night insomoniacs on earth can of course watch the edge of ring shimmer just before dawn breaks.

Non polluting and will not create a shadow on any part of Earth. However will dramatically increase input of solar enrgy into Earth'ss atmosphere hence will have to stop using fossil fuels completely.

Energy output from the mirrors due non interfernce of the atmospshere, birds and other creepy crawlies will be much more than terrestrial solar panels

karamus, Sep 04 2003

The Ring of Fire - Cure http://www.halfbake...Ring_20of_20Fire_22
"And one ring to rule them all" [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]



       WMD... Windows Media Device?
Cedar Park, Sep 04 2003

       Wasn't this in a Bond film?
custardlove, Sep 04 2003

       It wasn't original then, either.
waugsqueke, Sep 04 2003

       //The coolest part is that one can use it a WMD.//

Baked by Archimedes over two thousand years ago.
pluterday, Sep 04 2003

bristolz, Sep 04 2003

       wouldn't this drastically change our climates? What about global warming? Im with bris on this: zzzz
benlevi7, Sep 05 2003

       Another possibility is to focus the rays on the Martian dry ice caps to create a massive sublimation and perhaps a cascading greenhouse effect.   

       This would increase atmospheric pressure and with "seeding" of Earth bacteria, lead to an oxygenation--thus terraforming the planet.   

       Now Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles might come true.
Great Satan, Sep 05 2003

       Sounds cool. Might work. Too expensive. There are better ways for energy.
empty89, Dec 27 2003

       WINBI, sounds nice... It's real. The SABRE engine makes this real. It's going to happen and it's going to happen in our Lifetime. I am celebrating tonight BECAUSE it will happen. I have no idea how they managed it, but independent reviewers agree you CAN super-quickly cool super quickly compressed gas prior to insertion into a Ramjet.
Zimmy, Nov 29 2012


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