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Super absorbant cleaning cloths

Using female sanitary technology to make better kitchen cleaning cloths
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We all know it. We see it in TV commercials all the time. They're getting thinner. And more absorbant. They really "suck" moisture. They're great.

Pantiliners such as Always and other brands are on the cutting edge of moisture absorbtion technology, so why not use this knowledge to produce throw-away cleaning cloths that can hold more moisture than regular kitchen tissue rolls?

And to make them more effective and versatile, give them an outer coating of Swiffer micro fiber style material so they can clean away all the dust and grime as well.

Just what every American housewife needs! :-)

We just need to find a catchy name for them...

placebo, May 17 2001


       uh, couldn't you just unroll a tampon or something? (forgive my lack of experience here...) Sure, fine, if you wanna pay, uh, how much for a box of tampons? vs $.33 for a roll of Sun Belt paper towels. Once again, the answer is 'money'.
absterge, May 17 2001

       Isn't this entire concept INCREDIBLE wasteful. I think those swiffer things should be banned - why has some stupid company started marketing throw away dusters when perfectly good dusters have been around for 75 years?   

       It's just fat stupid ignorant people being lazy. Just get off your fat arses and use a mop/cloth like everyone else. A typical example of where 10% of the people create 90% of the waste.
CasaLoco, May 17 2001

       baked, if you're talking about the actual material. similar stuff is used in disposable diapers. a company i used to work for was using it to absorb moisture which would otherwise damage eletrical components. really neat stuff, actually, it turns to gel on conatact with water, and goes back to its natural state (cloth fibres) when it's dry. you wouldn't want to handle it though, it sucks the moisture right out your skin, as i found out the hard way.
mihali, May 17 2001

       New FemWipes. For your kitchen, the best absorbing power. Period.
globaltourniquet, May 17 2001

       ItsMan: Right--my mum had a drawerful of rags. Tied them to broomhandles for dusting the ceiling, etc. There are a bevy of specially-designed absorbent pads for sopping up water, chemical, and oil spills. Some of the oil-absorbent ones resist absorbing water. A well-prepared househusband could have an assortment on hand, some for those life-threatening spills of salad oil or low-pH substances such as vinegar. Or one could use super-absorbent Stringettes in handy 2-inch lengths.
Dog Ed, May 17 2001

       Globaltourniquet : I love you :-) great sence of humo´r you have there! Thank you.
placebo, May 17 2001

       [UnaB]: That statistic is scary. Try this. After you've paid for whatever it is that you're buying, remove all unnecessary packaging and hand it to the checkout supervisor. I once saw, among the vacuum-sealed produce at my local supermarket, a coconut similarly protected. No-one could tell me why.
angel, May 18 2001

       Bar an occaicional wood fire - I doubt many eithiopians use much energy at all. Acept for all those flourecent lights they have in their huts.
CasaLoco, May 18 2001


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