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Weight to Volume App

For convenient culinary interchangability.
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When cooking, many choose to follow recipes. Personally, I prefer the seat-of-the pants make it up as you go along system, but I understand the appeal. It's also comforting when cooking a whole new style of food to have reasonable guidelines.

The problem with recipes, is the multitude of units. As a young British chap trying to make american-style pancakes I was immediately confused by the "cup" as a measurement. After all, I had at least 8 different sizes of cup to chose from, surely the USA has variety in their drinking vessels?

As it turned out, a 'cup" is an actual unit. Half a pint, or 1/16th of a gallon*. It turns out that the US uses volume a lot more as a measurement in cooking. It's actually pretty convenient, need a cup of rice, take a 1 cup measure fill, done. Need 1 cup of water to go with that? use the same measure. This becomes problematic with recipes that use weight/mass. 220g butter? Dammit. Now I need to break out the scales. Or.. load up the volume/weight app, pre programmed with the densities of all common foodstuffs and boom: roughly one cup.

To be truly useful, it should be based on actual measurements. Sure, baby spinach is low density, but say you're adding 1kg, the stuff at the bottom will pack down, increasing density. So, measure that, factor it into the calculations.

Add in other factors, ambient temperature from your smart thermostat. Ambient pressure from location data & weather services. There, now to make a phone interface that works without getting flour all over the screen.

*which is, confusingly, 6.66 English pints or 0.83 English gallons.

bs0u0155, Jul 07 2020

First hit from google https://apps.apple....tor-pro/id316131048
weight to volume app for cooking ... [kdf, Jul 07 2020]

Baby spinach weight to volume! https://www.aqua-ca...-blank-688267154577
[kdf, Jul 07 2020]

Cup https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cup_(unit)
How have you managed to cook for this long not knowing what a "cup" is? [neutrinos_shadow, Jul 07 2020]

ingredient density
[xaviergisz, Jul 10 2020]


       Could have a cylindrical measure with motorised base which uses OCR to read the gram amount and the ingredient, and then moves the base to give the correct volume. Or, a scale with the same OCR system to read the ingredient, and then computing the weight to give a screen readout in cups.
pocmloc, Jul 07 2020

       I dunno about customized baby-spinach conversations or including ambient temperature and pressure calibaration - but google "weight to volume app for cooking" and you'll find a wealth of iPhone and Android apps. Shirley you could used at least some of them in conjunction with Siri or Alexa to keep from dusting the screen with flour or spattering it with grease...
kdf, Jul 07 2020

       //find a wealth of iPhone and Android apps//   

       failed to do my due diligence, dammit.
bs0u0155, Jul 07 2020

       ... but I'm sure none have baby-spinach specific conversions ... let me look - oh, there's one (link)
kdf, Jul 07 2020

       I'm gonna bet that there are no measurements for pangolin.
4and20, Jul 08 2020

       No measurements for pangolin? Don’t need any, they come with their own scales.
kdf, Jul 08 2020

       I just used a recipe that called for "a cup of butter" - no, I'm not going to fill a cup with butter - and then for "a cup and two tablespoons" of another ingredient - ! Just use grams for everything, FFS
hippo, Jul 10 2020


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