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Super blow.

For subway systems.
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Take the concept of the airport screening device that blows air at you and then collects that air to see if your carrying drugs or explosives. Expand the sniffing technology to a 100 foot long corridor. People would pass through this corridor where they would be subjected to a continous blast of air. The air would then be gathered for examination. If an explosive was detected the whole corridor would go into lock down. The corridor would have several blast doors so as to contain the bomber with the least amount of victems. Sort of like the game jezzball. The super blow system would act as the entry ways to subway systems, entries to sporting events and perhaps even shopping malls.
Antegrity, Oct 10 2005


       Any reason not to have the explosives sniffer at the entrance where the perpetrator can be shot, no questions asked? (Sorry, sore point in the UK). I have to say I preferred "Sniffer Dogs on the Underground".
wagster, Oct 10 2005

       This system could handle a much large volume of peoples, perfect for mass transit.
Antegrity, Oct 10 2005


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