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subway rat death

paint tasty bait on the tracks
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Rats infest subways, at least in New York. Rodenticide doesn't seem to fix the problem. But subways are full of hurtling thousand-ton electric instant humane rat-killing devices; if we can just lure the rats onto the tracks the problem should be solved.
egnor, Nov 22 2002


       let 'em live.
redundantly_redundant, Nov 22 2002

       Ever seen the New York subway tracks? Debris removal is apparently optional.
egnor, Nov 22 2002

skinflaps, Nov 23 2002

       As in other cities (Boston, for example), rats actually infest almost all our public and private spaces in New York. Killing a few of them with mass transit is hardly going to fix anything.   

       Besides, the subway rats are evidently already alert to the dangers of subway travel. The ones attracted by the debris you note obviously know to hop out of the way when the Pelham 123 comes rumbling through, because we do not see their carcases adding to the litter on the tracks.   

       (The litter, btw, is entirely due to that other species that infests the subway. I have seen plenty of riders casually chucking trash down onto the rails, once from inside the car. Control those pests, and you'll see fewer rats.) (They'll still be there, you just won't see them coming out to scavenge.)
DrCurry, Nov 23 2002

       as a Biologist and physician I have ideas for Biologic control of rats. Introducing Eastern Diamondbacks or constricting snakes would work. Venomous are actually more efficient, and if you put them down in the tracks most would not stray onto the platform. they MIGHT fry on the third rail, but only the homeless would be in danger of bites.   

       Mexico City...what a ZOO! the idiots put trash in plastic bags that are CHEWED UP by morning!! 20 million people..?100 million rats! coyotes are good too to have around Central Park, as long as they have radio collars and are vaccinated against rabies. predatory birds help in open spaces if the air isnt too polluted for them to survive.
drpoundsign, Feb 23 2004

       I've seen the tube mice.
Gulherme, Feb 24 2004


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