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Commentary on the Commentary
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Supercommentary is a commentary in which someone comments on another's commentary. For instance, in example 1 (below), the director comments on the movie itself, while the producer comments on the director's comments as well. This can also be extended to higher levels, such as example 2 (also below), in which the cast comment on the movie, the director comments on their commentary, the producer comments on the director, and so on.

Example 1:

Movie (0)

Director's Commentary (1)

Producer's Supercommentary (2)

Example 2:

Movie (0)

Cast Commentary (1)

Director's Supercommentary (2)

Producer's Supersupercommentary (3)

Critic's Supersupersupercommentary (4)

Executive's Supersupersupersupercommentary (5)

Alx_xlA, Feb 04 2009


       No comment!
xenzag, Feb 05 2009

       By refusing to comment, Xenzag reflects the fear of establishment society in the face of the participatory youtube-enabled social culture embodied by this bold concept!
Ninjacrat, Feb 05 2009

       Can it all then go around again, so the cast comment on the executive's Super^4 commentary.... Would of course be much better if no-one liked each other, but that goes without saying <supercommentary> MiMM messed that bit of his anno up, I bet he wishes he had a delete key</s>
MadnessInMyMethod, Feb 05 2009

       The hordes before and after this note never really knew exactly what it meant. Though their perspectives were sound and exciting.
daseva, Feb 05 2009

       I think meta is a more appropriate prefix than super.
xaviergisz, Feb 05 2009

       Wouldn't meta commentary be a commentary on the subject of commentaries in general, rather than one based on a specific instance of commentary? I think super fits just fine.
zen_tom, Feb 05 2009

       This would work best on reality tv shows. We have to do something in order to make them watchable.
wagster, Feb 05 2009


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