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Football in super for poeple who dont like football
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You don't like Football? or mabey you are not good at it? for me its both so I made a new form of football anyone can be good at. it works like this: the football has two sensors in it one is a pressure sensor and one is a ray sensor. when a footballer kicks the ball the pressure sensor kicks in a small rocket is transported to the back and it shoots out water which is held in the rocket kept at insane pressure but the goalie can defend against this because his gloves can shoot rays that goes to the ball's ray sensor causeing it to self destruct (blowwing up the ball).
crash, Mar 24 2008


       You over-estimate the utility of high-pressure water jets. Whilst they may well be able to power a ball through the air, you won't be able to hold enough water in the ball for the jet to last a long enough length of time. And if you've ever kicked a bucket of water, you'll know how difficult it would be to launch this thing into the air.   

       And while there may well be an idea around a sport that consists of shooting balls out of the air, I think you'll find it's not signicantly different from clay-pigeon/trap shooting, uses much more straightforward technology.   

       Finally, suggesting ways to "improve" sports you don't like is a great way to collect fishbones. Just, by all means, suggest a new sport.
DrCurry, Mar 24 2008

       I like the kicking part, it's the running up and down that I can't do. [-]
baconbrain, Mar 24 2008


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