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What does your subway/underground smell like?

Check off the "Stale Urine" box for NYC
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I have heard of some baseball or football fans going across the United States from stadium to stadium just to say they have been to all of them.

While on such a trip, take along a BINGO like card that has each city's name on it and next to each name a list of different smells. While in each city's subway system, check off what you smell. No cheating!, you must shower on your trip. When you have completed the card you can mail it to whatever company has sponsored it and recieve a life time supply of disinfectant/deodorant/clothes pins.

Stop and take time to smell the hobos.

MrDaliLlama, Sep 27 2005


       Dried mouse poo.   

       sp: clothes pegs.
moomintroll, Sep 27 2005

       We lack a subway.   

       sp: clow spins
normzone, Sep 27 2005

Chatelet-les-Halles - butter croissants/dead people.
Bir Hakeim / Passy / Gare du Nord smell of burning wooden brake blocks. Oak, probably. Dunno why.
sp. "receive"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 27 2005

       Teen Spirit   

       sp: close pens
jurist, Sep 27 2005

       sp: clowns pants.   

       I'm still trying to figure out why any company would sponsor this.
hidden truths, Sep 28 2005

       Breath Right Nasal Strips
MrDaliLlama, Sep 29 2005

       ours smells like machine oil, and piss. mostly piss. actually just piss.
schmendrick, Sep 29 2005

       no smell!!
hangman, Sep 30 2005

       //No cheating!, you must shower on your trip.//   

       This assumes, perhaps correctly, that the travelers present at the time influence the overall smell. Therefore, it differs depending on what time you are in the subway.   

       sp: klono pin
Shz, Oct 01 2005

       (zaps to the spot in a puff of smoke holding a air freshener) try this! (-)
crash, Mar 24 2008

       Anywhere in London: warm electrified dust.   

       Sp: clone pen
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 24 2008


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