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Superhero Dating Service

Dating Service For Masked Crusaders On The Run
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Tired of maintaining your secret identity? Having trouble finding a mate who is dumb enough to not recognize you if you take off your glasses, but still smart enough to operate a can opener? Then you need the Superhero Dating service! A comprehensive database will match you up with a compatible super-hero. If both of you have super-powers we will take that into account. If you turn invisible when aroused, we will match you up with a hero with x-ray vision! If you have violent mood swings, we will find you someone with nerves of steel! We also take into account your arch enemies! If you have the same arch-enemies, then dating actually becomes safer for you both, wheras dating "Normals" puts them at risk from your foes and causes ongoing headaches. As I like to say: "There's nothing sexier that a woman who just decapitated a giant robot!"


KEVLEX, Apr 03 2006

Supervillains definitely need love, too. http://www.youtube....watch?v=z53WLtowYBo
As Jonathan Coulton well knows. [jutta, Jul 20 2009]


       The safety aspect of hanging out with people who shared your archenemies had not occurred to me. I am a little nervous about granting bread to a first effort of this type, but you can have this challah that I bought this past Thursday. Its still soft.
bungston, Apr 03 2006

       sp."Masked" [+]
coprocephalous, Apr 03 2006

       Too many exclamation marks for my liking, but [+] for the effort. Welcome to the HalfB.
Mr Phase, Apr 03 2006

       sp: Naked
po, Apr 03 2006

       When somebody turns up here and annotates on random and unrelated ideas, it's somewhat comforting. When they zone right in on a highly specific group of ideas, you then have a slightly odd insight into the mind of a complete stranger.   

       sp: Baked.
hidden truths, Apr 03 2006

       //Too many exclamation marks for my liking//   

       Have you read a comic lately!? They're full of 'em!   

       Bun - the image of a super-speed dating night amuses me.
friendlyfire, Apr 03 2006

       'Maked'.. masked and naked? Damn those superheroes have some fun.
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 03 2006

       Hey - even us super heros need a hook-up every once in a while.   

       Surely is not like the "everyone-gets-one" system of lifesaving we currently operate on. Hope not anyway.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 04 2006

       sp: nekkid. [+]   

       Superhero speed dating... well, at least nobody would have to ask 'So, what do you do?'
moomintroll, Apr 05 2006

skinflaps, Jul 18 2009

blissmiss, Jul 19 2009


       ... exclamation inflation
pertinax, Jul 19 2009

       Just imagine the length of the joining up forms... There'd be pages and pages on it.   


       Compatible with these powers...   

       You'd need to have super speed to finish within a week!
Skrewloose, Jul 20 2009

       What, supervillains don't need love too?
Gamma48, Jul 20 2009


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