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Supermarket X-Ray

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It always saddens me to choose a banana that once undressed displays bruising or site specific over-ripeness. The thrill of successfully peeling an entirely untainted banana, for me, is the equivalent of a russian winning at roulette.

I also feel at odds with any packet of biscuits that once home present me with a high percentage of splitting, cracks or excessive crumbing.

I also wonder what is actually inside those strange tins marked 'Product of Berlexia'.

I propose a device that can detect an un-opened banana's bad bits, broken biscuits, and overall product contents - via the marvel of x-ray.

Looking much like the x-ray machine at the airport check-in, it is located at one end of the supermarket. Once it is your turn, you may place one item at a time onto a tray and watch on the screen as it passes through, so that you can see what is inside.

benfrost, Aug 03 2005

mini CAT scanner Home-use_20mini_20CAT_20scanner
Also useful, in the same way [hippo, Aug 04 2005]


       the supermarket takes no responsibility for the nutrition of x-rayed bananas, biscuits or any products from Berlexia.
benfrost, Aug 03 2005

       not too sure that a banana bruise would be revealed by an x-ray.
po, Aug 03 2005

       I'd be back and forwards from the POS check out all day with grapes that have internal bruising.
skinflaps, Aug 03 2005

       Perhaps a tetrahertz scanner for your banana?
ldischler, Aug 03 2005

       --"the equivalent of a russian winning at roulette."-- You mean, not dying? That _is_ quite a thrill. Unless you meant regular roulette, in which case I wouldn't think a Russian would be more thrilled than someone of another nationality.   

       On the bun side, the radiation from this device would help sanitize meat products and organic vegetables. However, it might pose a problem with worker's compensation -- claims of impotence, growths, extra limbs, etc. due to the repeated doses of xrays the checkers and other employees would be recieving. Or think they were recieving.   

       What happens if you put something metal in there? Does it heat up or explode? That would rock.
junglefish, Aug 03 2005

       Would also let you find that package of animal crackers with more lions than hippos.
half, Aug 03 2005

       I would link to *animal crackers* but it does horrible things to afro...   

       or was that "teddy bears picnic..."
po, Aug 03 2005

       what's wrong with [hippos], [half] ?
neilp, Aug 03 2005

       They're not lions? They're hungry, hungry?   

       Did I say hippos? Sorry, [hippo], I meant rhinososeraceses.
half, Aug 03 2005

       That's OK
hippo, Aug 04 2005

       By the time I got this far you all got me side-tracked and I forgot the topic. Well done.   

       Could the 15 year old male baggers use it to see if there were items hidden in female shoppers' garb? (wink, nudge)
moPuddin, Aug 04 2005


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