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Supermarket time-saver

buy someone else's groceries to save time
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Save time at the supermarket thusly: walk in, find a reasonably full cart that someone has momentarily stepped away from, grab it and head for the check-out line. Those will be your groceries for the week. Not only will this save time, but it will add variety to your diet.
mrthingy, Jan 30 2002


       As a male vegetarian who's too lazy to cook fresh vegetables, I fear I'd end up throwing most of it out. Unless you know a use for tampons, sprouts and frankfurters.
pottedstu, Jan 30 2002

       "When shopping at the supermarket
I felt a great desire to walk off with someone else's groceries
So that I could study them at length
And study their effects on me.
As though if I ate their groceries I would become that person; until I finished their groceries.
And we might find ourselves going to the same places.
Running into one another at the movies
Or in a shopping mall.
Reading the same books.
Watching the same TV programmes.
Wearing the same clothes.
Travelling to the same places.
And taking the same pictures.
Getting sick at the same time.
And getting well again simultaneously.
Finding ourselves attracted to the same people.
Working at the same job.
And making the same amount of money.
Living identical lives - as long as the groceries lasted."

       [David Byrne, "Music for the knee plays"]
jutta, Jan 30 2002

       I remember with horror the time I started taking things out of someone else's trolley thinking it was one of those cheap end of line thingys. The chap whose cart it was - was aghast at this mad woman relieving him of his shopping. Oh I have blushed at the thought.
po, Jan 30 2002

       When I worked at my 2 Uncles Grocery Store (they wanted to be like their dear old dad), we'd occasionally put some extra items in some carts. Glad I got that off my chest - I feel better now.<looks around>tosses croissant in trolley</looks around>
thumbwax, Jan 30 2002

       tw, but what articles? haha
po, Jan 30 2002

       Toothbrush(es), toothpaste, gum, extra can or 2 of tomato sauce...
It was a Supermarket time-saver with a twist - you see - we didn't have to put the things back on the shelf after some earlier shopper decided they didn't want the item(s).
thumbwax, Jan 31 2002

       Currently a supermarket trip eats about two hours of a weekend. If we could cut it down to just five minutes, I would have more time to do things that would be done at the weekend.
smokeyjohnson, Aug 20 2002

       smokeyjohnson: Easy. Shop online. Get the stuff delivered. Well Baked by a number of UK supermarket chains.
8th of 7, Aug 20 2002


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