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Supermarket traffic system

Introduce a traffic light system in supermarkets.
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Tired and fed up of constantly bumping into trolleys and/or being run over by other shoppers, going in all different directions, at the supermarket? How about introducing a traffic light system at aisle interchanges, so you can only move when the lights change to green? That would make shopping much quicker and more orderly. Why not also introduce some one-way systems so that traffic flows more smoothly?
madshopper, Sep 15 2001

trolley lanes http://www.halfbake...dea/trolley_20lanes
fast lanes in supermarkets [po, Sep 15 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       In my experience the problem isn't trolleys going in all different directions, it's people stopping and blocking the traffic flow. Maybe what we need is a minimum speed limit or no-stopping regulations, or a limited waiting period (like in loading/unloading zones). So if you can't find the soup you want in ten minutes, get out of the aisle and let everyone else have a chance. And no more groups of mothers standing gossiping with their trolleys and blocking off the Super Noodles.   

       Obviously, introducing licenses for trolley-drivers, and banning old people and children would also be excellent.
pottedstu, Sep 15 2001

       <prescription>Take a hit of whipped cream propellant straight out of the can</prescription>
thumbwax, Sep 15 2001

       in the UK we have minimum wages   

       yours in oz sounds much better
po, Sep 16 2001

       I work in a grocery store. These Ideas would cause plenty of aggervation, to put it mildly.
jefferyb304, Jun 11 2005

       Can't ban kids, butcha can throw 'em in a big bag.   

       I like the one way idea.
daseva, Jun 11 2005

       Any system I can think of would cause me more grief than it would save. When I'm in my car, traffic lights are the things that make me wait when they're red, not the things that let me go when they're green.
Basepair, Jun 11 2005


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