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Supersonic Jet Concerto

Bang - kabang - kadabangwoohoo
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Kadabang - krrrrrbangbangbang - pause - bang - wohooohookabangbang - bang kabangwooo - etc...

It's all about timing and rythm. Fighter jet concerto. A grand field where the spectators gather. It's dark, late at night. Big laser lights track the jets as they fly over the field, you see them coming in formation, in succession. They are highly trained to fly through the wall of sound right above the arena. Their bangs follow each other rythmically, in esthetically appealing patterns.

You are listening to a spectacular piece of music written by the Supersonic Rythm Maestro.

At the other end of the show arena, a choir of fragile creatures sings a mysterious tune - the jets interfere, a bizarre symphony develops...

Kabang - bang bang - wooohoooohooo - kabang - kadabangbangwoohoo, etc...

A spectacular visual and sonoric show.

django, Sep 14 2006

Rammstein http://www.youtube....watch?v=BxqymBQuz0Q
Ein Mensch brennt - live [django, Sep 15 2006]


       What would the equivalent of playing cards in the spokes be for supersonic jets? Also, is it allowed to heckle the fragile creatures?
bungston, Sep 14 2006

       Crazy/interesting/I'd rather eat my own knees.
wagster, Sep 14 2006

       //Also, is it allowed to heckle the fragile creatures?//   

       Actually, this could be nice in combination with a Rammstein concert. After all, they named their band after the crash at the U.S. airbase in Ramstein, where three Italian jets crashed into each other during an air show, killed 40 people instantly:   

       /Rammstein Ein Mensch brennt Rammstein Fleischgeruch in der Luft Rammstein ein Kind stirbt Rammstein die Sonne scheint   

       Rammstein ein Flammenmeer Rammstein Blut gerinnt auf dem Asphalt Rammstein Mütter schreien Rammstein die Sonne scheint   

       Rammstein ein Massengrab Rammstein kein Entrinnen Rammstein kein Vogel singt mehr Rammstein die Sonne scheint   


       They made millions with this brilliantly twisted song.
django, Sep 15 2006

       //They are highly trained to fly through the wall of sound right above the arena.//   

       That sounds like a common misconception. The "sound barrier" does not exist, and flying through the speed of sound does not make a single boom at only one place.   

       Any aircraft or projectile travelling above the speed of sound has shockwaves radiating off it, which means a cone-shaped area trailing behind it will always feel the "boom" even after it has been above the speed of sound for a long time. So, a string of jet planes, properly spaced, could fly across the country above the speed of sound, playing "esthetically appealing patterns" for everyone below.   

       For the concert, a jet could dive down at just below the speed of sound, exceed the speed of sound above the airport, and pull up again to slow to less than the speed of sound. Or just firewall the throttle above the stadium for a few seconds. The effect would be much the same as described in the idea, and would maintain the erroneous idea of a "wall of sound".   

       May I suggest the _1812_Overture_?
baconbrain, Sep 15 2006

       This is absolutely brilliant.
doctorremulac3, Nov 03 2019

       Gas-turbine Theremin. [+].
8th of 7, Nov 03 2019

       That gives me an idea.
doctorremulac3, Nov 03 2019


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