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Electronic dance music generator
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A body suit with sensors.

3d head display.

The performer configures different parts of the suit to react with different sound manipulation. Controllers provide tone, volume and a multitude of slider possibilities for pitch bending etc.

Other touchpads trigger sound samples and loops.

Feet play base rythm if desired and whole body is used to generate tones with position of body, especially upper body shifting the character.

An element of virtual clay is generated for the performer to track the composition. When dancing with the suit, natural motions provide musical feedback. The clay is manipulated by pulling pushing and twisting to generate tones or alter the existing soundscape.

Most of the functionality comes from body motion and clay could also be a squishy sound manipulaor.

I see groups from home inputting their clips, altering them in realtime with their bodies all linked together in a DJ space. The Central DJ selects and combines streams for final edited output. Dance musicians provide sound libraries and realtime alteration through dance etc.

Think, a slow free-form musical experience like a theramin for the whole body.

Participants can dance their own music into existence/

subflower, Oct 28 2005

http://news.bbc.co....hnology/3873481.stm [Gusbus, Nov 28 2005]

http://hct.ece.ubc....oc/nime2005_264.pdf If they can digitize this, they can digitize your suit [Gusbus, Nov 28 2005]

Outer Body Experience Outer_20Body_20Experience
A different flavor [theircompetitor, Nov 28 2005]


       Sorta like David Byrne in a wet suit and pinch gloves creating the music for the forthcoming Clangers movie in a virtual pottery.   

       I am in tune with this [+]
skinflaps, Oct 28 2005

       This might make an interesting addition to a modern (or possibly even classical) ballet performance.
calum, Oct 28 2005

       This would be extraordinarily difficult to play, but heaps of fun. I presume tempo would be/could be locked to the DJ's master tempo. Even if it's only one person generating the music, few humans have tight enough timing for the precision that dance beats require.
wagster, Oct 28 2005

       But why use a suit? I'm sticking to my theremin.
DrCurry, Oct 28 2005

       This is baked.
Gusbus, Oct 28 2005

       Show me Gus. I've seen image based versions but not the entirely wired sort.   

       As for tempo, one of the main attractions is sound manipulation, not Theramin style choreography. A sequencer is controlled by pad or button that captures sound/movement until another input that sets the sequence in action. Then warping of that sequence can commence. Switching from primarily rhythm sounds or melodic sounds is done the same way. Originally I wanted to have a vision system that allowed for a menu of sounds to 'drop' in to the mix and allow sound sculpting with virtual clay that changes sounds in respect to the regions that the clay is pulled into. Once complete, the performance is represented by the virtual 3d object, or 'printed' out.
subflower, Nov 28 2005

       Is this a high-tech version of a 1 man band?   

       Does this mean that these will mainly be used by dropouts from drama school standing on street corners dancing like complete prats?   

       OK, Bun for you!
Minimal, Nov 28 2005

       Subflower... I added some links for you to check out. I also distinctly remember a version of this suit in the mid-80's displayed on either REAL PEOPLE or THAT'S INCREDIBLE. Anybody remember that? You can also walk into just about any toy store and pick up a very rudimentary version that plays drums sounds (not a suit... but I have seen a glove).
Gusbus, Nov 28 2005


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