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Survey Psyops

The enematic mind
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Well, I've been frustrated by another long discussion with some prowar Russian. Their support for the war is a mile wide and an inch deep, but who wants to wade in or even sink? We know that Putin saturates the Russian pleb's existence with hole inches of propaganda, but how much of it sticks?

The idea is carry out international phone surveys of Russians, to detect which of Putin's propaganda points has the most resonance. At the moment, a running concept seems to be the idea that Poland is somehow brainwashing Ukrainians into conflict, which is an idea ridiculous on its ass and face.

With friends like these, who needs enemas?

4and20, Jun 11 2022


       Propaganda everywhere you look now.   


       Our governments have been purchased, all of them. "They" own everything, or soon will if they have their way.   

       This teeny plandemic we've just witnessed is a very tiny portion of what we all have coming.   

       What to do... what to do?
Quite the pickle.

       First, well done [4and20] for the effort of engaging. It's probably very tiresome, but it's necessary work. (I used to work with a Russian like that, but we're no longer in touch).   

       //brainwashing// is the most important point here. Actual brainwashing is really hard, and correspondingly very rare. Accusations of brainwashing, on the other hand, are incredibly easy, and correspondingly very common. What makes the accusation so attractive is that the alternative - that billions of people can have legitimately different points of view - can be terrifying.   

       So I'm going to speculate that you're dealing with a fearful person, for whom the alternative to a simple, paranoid us-and- them world is an abyss of existential horror. Good luck helping them to find a way around that.
pertinax, Jun 12 2022


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