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Ugh, what did I eat?

Test your issue with toliet tissue!
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Toilet paper with a numbered color spectrum printed along the edges. Simply wipe, assign your scat the closest number, then check the handbook, which ranges from hang-over-black, to too-much-iron-green, and even see-a-doctor-red!
notmarkflynn, Oct 06 2009


       Ah, shitmus paper.
(+) The image of someone trying to keep the used piece of toilet paper from touching anything while leafing through a book made me laugh.

       I could do with some really soft crayons covering the spectrum for when I wanna get outta work or just gross out my wife.
daseva, Oct 06 2009

       or an online service you can upload pictures to? ... let's stay with the spectrum, i agree.
loonquawl, Oct 06 2009

       you could log your... logs... in the book, using the crayons, and could track your digestive health.
CaptainClapper, Oct 06 2009

       Comes with augmented reality iPhone app.
tatterdemalion, Oct 06 2009

       <nemesis>Or you could just keep track of what you eat, and how you feel.   

       Does it identify poisons? Only the slow-acting ones, of course.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Oct 10 2009


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