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a REAL survivor TV show
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OK, now im positive almost everyone out there has seen one of these 'Survivor' series of TV programmes where they put a bunch of people on an island and then they have to survive, do various challenges and vote each other off etc..

What I propose is a slight twist on this idea:

1) the Public vote for whoever they want to go on the show

2) the selected people are then made to sign a disclaimer

3) the selected people are then taken to an island, somewhere nice with palm trees etc.

4) the winner (and here's the thing) has to be the last actual survivor on the island.

5) the winner gets 10 million, plus they get to keep the island.

Wouldn't that make interesting TV?

Ching, Jul 26 2001

...starring ahhhh-nold: http://us.imdb.com/Title?0093894
the running man, extreme survivor [mihali, Jul 26 2001]


       Sounds like a good plan. People can live for quite some time without food and water so you'd have to add some traps and sharp objects to spice things up a little. They'd have to use their first aid skills to tend to wounds and the dead could be prepared and eaten. Sounds sick I know but TV is just like that these days so live with it...
Vader, Jul 26 2001

       Heh I wasn't intending them to die of starvation or thirst more like chasing each other around with sharpened sticks fashioned from the local shrubbery. Hell could even have challenges (dangerous ones of course) where the winner gets a weapon, or some armor :)
Ching, Jul 26 2001

       Sounds interesting... knifes and things could be hidden throughout various places on the island. There could also be some competitions where the TV network would give the winner a prize of eg. a gun with one bullet and you'd have to decide who poses the most of a threat to you and shoot them. I'd watch it. Maybe they could also include some Pirana infested waters??
Vader, Jul 26 2001

       Pirhanas? defintely.   

       " And.. our phone in vote this week is.... who gets the chainsaw!!"
Ching, Jul 26 2001

       if the cameras were in cardboard boxes, you could have Schrödinger's Survivor.
lewisgirl, Jul 26 2001

       If the cameras were in boxes, you could stomp them to bits without hurting your feet.
Monkfish, Jul 27 2001

       Surviver minimum wage: I wonder how that would play out?
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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