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Senior Survivor

aka The Unloved, Unplugged
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Pull the plug simultaneously on 8 patients unable to survive w/o life-support. The last one breathing wins... hmmm... a swell casket? a free cryogenic capsule? Maybe just some $ for their family.
lbjay, Jun 25 2001


       There's a joke in this idea, I think ... but it still seems creepy to me. A couple of weeks ago, some 200 people crowded into a room to watch the video feed of their most reviled criminal being put to death by lethal injection. (This broadcast, we were meant to understand, would provide them with "closure".)   

       A thing like Senior Survivor can't be that far off -- at least not here in the good old US of A.
1percent, Jun 25 2001

       Dang. NBC's gonna be so disappointed when I call to cancel that meeting.
lbjay, Jun 25 2001

       Like Mephista said, I would like to see old geezers toughing it out and everything other then youngens (like me) I think it would much more interesting and no offence but very funny.
Tenelka, Jul 09 2001


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