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Sushi Library

food for thought
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In the Sushi Library, a continuous stream of books opened at pages displaying a full spectrum of all kinds of images, including diagrams and mathematical symbols, slowly drifts past a long row of seated browsers. As soon as a book is taken off the conveyor by a potential borrower, another different one slides into its place.

Through statistical analysis the most popular books are eventually represented by multiple copies.

xenzag, Jul 05 2008

Wikipedia: Conveyor belt sushi http://en.wikipedia...Conveyor_belt_sushi
The particular style of sushi restaurant xenzag is referring to here. [jutta, Jul 07 2008]


       What's for dessert ? [+]
8th of 7, Jul 05 2008

       lovely +
xandram, Jul 05 2008

       Isn't this what Amazon does?
MisterQED, Jul 05 2008

       Finally, a library that serves sake !
normzone, Jul 05 2008

       [Normzone], you obviously don't patronise the right sort of library ....
8th of 7, Jul 05 2008

       This is awesome.
phundug, Jul 06 2008

       In a fleeting effort to prove that the concept could virtually be applied to anything of interest with the same amount of efficacy, I realized it wasn't the case. [+]
daseva, Jul 06 2008

       You know you're just going to want to read again an hour later.   

       Sorry, I am too impatient for this, plus who flips what pages to what place?   

       Perhaps if it was a 'recommended books' conveyer belt that was embedded in the walls of a regular library; this could catch your eye when you are momentarily between stacks. But for a library that only has this conveyor belt contraption?   

mylodon, Jul 06 2008

       I would like to see this as an on-line thing.   

       // Sorry, I am too impatient for this, plus who flips what pages to what place?//   

       umm...the librarian chef.
xandram, Jul 07 2008

       Lovely stuff. Perhaps the books could be left to fall open at their most-thumbed, spine-cracked pages, these being usually climactic or otherwise mucky scenes, one imagines, and therefore most likely to entice the febrile grasp of the library customer.
calum, Jul 07 2008

       I'd ask for the dictionary but not take it.
daseva, Jul 07 2008

       Pretty. +
nomocrow, Jul 07 2008


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