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Marble solitaire with sushi
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I love the old-school marble solitaire game, and I love sushi.

Instead of marbles it would be cool to have little balls of diferent types of sushi/sashimi/maki/etc

You play with your chopsticks, and everytime you 'eat' a ball, you literally eat it. Dunk it in the soy and wasabi sauce-dish provided and down the hatch it goes.

Promotional competitions (or a weekly thing) could include events where your bill/check is calculated according to the amount of balls left on your dish, or if theres only 1, you get it for free, and recieve a prize as well as your name up on the 'wall of fame'. This would have to be monitored though.

Additionally, 2 players could team up by alternating goes and working together to finish the game. However the twist is that one player may be greedy and make particular moves according to which sushi they prefer instead of using stategy, thus ending the game short, and leaving them still hungry!

shinobi, Aug 12 2006

Wikipedia: Peg Solitaire http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Peg_solitaire
In case you're wondering how a card sorting game could possibly be played with marbles. [jutta, Aug 12 2006]

Barford, Klauser: Olive Solitaire dish http://www.thorsten..._id=9&product_id=23
[jutta, Oct 01 2006]


       I fondly remember many afternoons at my Grandmother's house playing solitaire, and I have a deep seated (somewhere around my stomach) love of Sushi.
A Fish might be appropriate for for you to enjoy at your leisure, but I am afraid I will have to give you this bun instead ;-)
I am thinking for the bigger gamblers out there, that Sushi-Go would be a similarly good tactical lunchtime game, buy your Nagiri, surround your opponent, and eat the dead ones.... <dream sequence> hhmmmm Sushi... </dream sequence>
The_Englishman_Abroad, Aug 12 2006

       I have tried a similar game involving shot glasses on a chess board. Drawings of the pieces are on each glass, and you drink one of your opponent's shots once you take it. If you win, you may drink all of your shots or upgrade your opponent's shots to something stronger.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 25 2007


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