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the shooting gallery restaurant

…like ducks at the fair.
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the shooting gallery restaurant is a circular restaurant with tables set in a full circle.

nice food, good wine, excellent service, attentive staff, relaxing ambience, good value for money; great place!

the room has the appearance of a zoetrope, as images on the screens of the back walls revolve around slowly and after a while it is apparent that the images on the walls are those of your fellow diners.

with the images enlarged, you can identify each person as they eat, chat, imbibe the wine. its all quite comical as their movements are enhanced and all their quirky behaviour magnified.
oops, that woman has lost her bread-roll under the table – how embarrassing!

at each table, the cutlery is laid out in the traditional manner but just to the right of the soup spoon, in each place-setting, is positioned a shooting gallery rifle.

upon ordering your dish from the menu, you can see the amount of pot-shots allocated to each meal. you may take your pot-shots whenever you want during the duration of your stay (or you could save them up for the end of your meal).

take aim and fire at the image on the screen as it makes its way around the room. every direct hit is marked by a bang & a puff of smoke and the image of the diner falls flat off the screen.

po, Sep 01 2004

zoetrope http://www.ex.ac.uk...tion/animation4.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

fairground art. http://www.splendid....com/fairground.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I like the idea of having something like this to do during dinner, but I'm missing the point. So you shoot an image of someone's food and the image falls to the ground? Interesting enough for a bun but I was hoping for more.   

       How about being able to order by shooting images of food as they circle around you? This will both be interesting and would encourage people to order more than they really need.
Worldgineer, Sep 01 2004

       you are firing at images of your fellow diners for the fun of it. sorry if its unclear!
po, Sep 01 2004

       Ah! I missed the point by reading "diner" as "dinner". Much more entertaining.
Worldgineer, Sep 01 2004

       //shoot bambi and get veal//   

       Shoot bambi and lose friends.
skinflaps, Sep 01 2004

       This would be great...shoot the family whose children are misbehaving, shoot the greasy fella making eyes at you...yes, this could be fun, indeed.
Machiavelli, Sep 01 2004

       no real bullets flying about, Mach. all electronic stuff!
po, Sep 01 2004

       Aww - real bullets might have inspired more attentive service from the waiters.
lostdog, Sep 01 2004

       I doubt it [lostdog] unless your aim was bad.
po, Sep 02 2004

       Sounds like fun, food, and frivolity, to me.
blissmiss, Sep 02 2004


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