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Swamp Fog Snooker

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Refillable reservoirs and a miniature fog maker with shock protection surrounded by a layer of lead and plastic for correct mass, with small holes to let the fog seep out.

Either that or a slot for dry ice.

A pool table, rather like an air hockey table, also with a fog maker.

The table is turned on, and the fog starts to seep out of the table and snooker balls. It gathers in the table, making a thick white layer, a few inches deep, opaque and dense. The man picks a cue, gazes through the shroud of fog, and breaks.

The balls speed apart, leaving gaps in the fog in their wake, which fill in, like fast silly putty. The 11 hits the corner pocket, and drops from view.

DesertFox, Jan 07 2006

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       I wonder if the cold would affect the performance of the balls. It certainly wouldn't do the felt any good.
normzone, Jan 07 2006

       This would be sooo cool. Just imagine the amazing patterns that you'd get on the first break.
moomintroll, Jan 09 2006


       I just baked this with my kid and was going to post it.
We placed tupperware containers in each of the pockets sealed with grocery-bag gaskets to keep the fog from spilling out.
We cracked glow-sticks to line each pocket and tucked straight ones around the edges of the table.
While one person was shooting the other would walk around the table dribbling boiling water into each continer.

       It was Awesome!
The fluid dynamics of the fog interacting from six directions and the vortex-streets left behind each ball was mezmerizing.

       The only thing that would have made it even better to play, other than automatic fog, would be glowing billiard balls.   

       Big big (+)   

       The visible physics of the break was less intense than I had anticipated because the shear volume of interactions disperses a volume of the gas around the cluster. The fog does not seem cold enough to affect play but the fact that we used water slightly moistened the rag around the pockets.
One of the neatest effects was rolling a pool-cue on the table through the fog.

       Wow, next time I go to Vancouver I'm going to your house [2Fries] [+]
AusCan531, Oct 30 2012

       I'll rack.   


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