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Strap on Snooker Chin Wheel

strap on attachment for snooker, billiards and pool players
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At some stage during any game of snooker a player may be observed taking a shot which requires them to crouch forward, stare down the length of the cue, and rest their chin on its varnished shaft. (see image in link)

The Strap on Snooker Chin Wheel, is a new device which facilitates this action to a much smoother degree.

Consisting of a grooved wheel to accommodate the rounded contour of the cue, it is strapped on by the player, prior to taking the shot. Two small supporting spigots ensure that the wheel is kept clear of the chin, and is therefore able to rotate freely, though its resistance may be increased using a calibrated knurled nut on its axle.

xenzag, Nov 06 2007

"Chin shot" http://users.encs.c...nooker/bridges2.gif
without strap on wheel. the chin gets gradually worn away [xenzag, Nov 06 2007]


       surely five o'clock shadow provides the necessary resistance
po, Nov 06 2007

       Beautiful! I imagine that it would disposable, fashioned from cheap, primary-coloured plastic, perhaps resembling a mis-confugured Kinder Surprise toy, with that faint, rounded clicking as the wheel rotates, Clive Everton in hushed tones, "James Wattana taking moment to give his chinwheel the once over before seeking to continue his break."
calum, Nov 06 2007

       It's a little known fact that Steve Davis was able to remain the undisputed King of Snooker for so many years because he had his chin surgically modified to accommodate the cue. Spectators watched him rubbing his chin, and assumed he was deep in contemplation of his next shot. He was, in fact, lubricating it with margarine.
jtp, Nov 07 2007

       Actually [calum] I was thinking of something that would be made of quality materials like leather, with brass fittings and finely grained wood. Designed to last a life time, it would age like an equestrian harness. You made me laugh [jtp] - astutely observed.
xenzag, Nov 07 2007

       The thing is, you don't rest your head on the cue so much... So therefore, what if we could make this wheel motorized to provide extra power? Or to remain with the rest idea, use a dynamo and make it light up!   

       Nice pick of Alain Robidoux, by the way.
Jinbish, Nov 07 2007

       Was Kirk Douglas a snooker player?
theleopard, Nov 07 2007

       Kirk Douglas and John Travolta used to stay up all night playing snooker together.
jtp, Nov 07 2007

       Nice idea. A similar, but inverted device would be useful for the bridging hand as well. Also, a laser sighting device on the cue. And also one on the pockets that triggered some sort of pocket-widening device so that they automatically widen to accomodate an incoming ball. Oh, and the ability to raise or lower random sections of the table surface. And a windmill.
DrBob, Nov 07 2007


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