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shot obfuscator

Just when you thought cued ball games were not hard enough.
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A new game component of the shape of solid tip-truncated cone about 15mm high. The angle of the edge would be about 40 degrees and it's surface be pitted with a pseudo random pattern. The diameter would be the same as a ball. The construction material would be something heavy and unshiftable, marble would probably suit. Maybe a felt gripping material on the underside.

The idea is that after each player's turn they have the choice to move the obfuscator to a position on the table, out of play by moving it onto the edge of the table or leaving it where it is. The obfuscator must be at least a balls diameter away from any balls in play when placed.

I envisage the play to have an increased amount cushion rebound and spin shots as simple linear cueing can be blocked more readily.

Betting Variant: Instead of the obfuscator, local currency is used. On each turn another coin can be added to the table but only one coin can be taken out of play, to the table's edge, at a time. Game winner takes the money.

wjt, May 02 2010

Bar Billiards http://www.mercuryl...k/barbilliards.html
Reminds me of bar billiards. [Jinbish, May 09 2010]


       This might make tricky shots more common, but it would also remove what is, I think, an important part of conventional pool. High-level players are already capable of, if they choose, positioning the cue ball to make a linear shot impossible. That's just basic pool strategy and all players do it if they don't feel confident in making their next shot from their current position.   

       You may be increasing the difficulty of the average shot, but you are also significantly decreasing the difficulty and strategy involved in creating that sort of situation. Additionally, you are only increasing the difficulty in situations where most players would already have taken measures to do so using the resources already available on the table.   

       The only players this would really work for are those who are bad enough players that they will frequently be in situations where they cannot make their next shot, and cannot position the ball in an awkward location with their own skill and dexterity with the pool cue. In other words, the players least likely to be able to cope with the increased difficulty you are adding to the game.   

       It's clever, but it just doesn't sound fun. For skilled players it's an unnecessary complication, and for unskilled players it just makes a hard game harder.
5th Earth, May 09 2010

       From the major category, I though this would have something to do with steroid doping.
DrWorm, May 09 2010

       I'm with [5th Earth] on this one. The idea is a bit of a novelty and I think it would merely complicate a game way too much. Rather than look to snooker your opponent, you probably want to block pockets or good positional opportunities.
Jinbish, May 09 2010


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