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Swamp Mist Snooker

Snooker with swamp mist
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A good swamp has a thin layer of mist hovering above its surface to add to its mystery. It is the appearance of this skin of murky, swirling vapour that gives its name to Swamp Mist Snooker.

The game is played like regular snooker, only a series of dry ice generators ensure that the table surface is swathed in a coating of white mist, with the top half of the balls exposed, and their remainders hidden.

When balls are struck, they clear a temporary vortex in the mist. To add to the swampy theme, the pockets have been modified to resemble the gaping mouths of large bog toads.

All of this is best viewed, and played under a flickering light, of a slightly greenish tint. To add to the atmosphere, a background sound track is run of croaking frogs, supplemented by the bursting of the odd mud bubble.

xenzag, Aug 31 2007

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       Can we add blacklights?
normzone, Aug 31 2007

       You had me at "they clear a temporary vortex in the mist." Could we have real croaking frogs instead?
monk, Sep 01 2007

       are you volunteering ? :-)
xenzag, Sep 01 2007

       When does swamp mist football come out?
the dog's breakfast, Sep 01 2007

monk, Sep 01 2007

       This is really lovely. Everton as Attenborough as the Rocket and the Nugget creep through the swampy Crucible.
calum, Sep 03 2007

loonquawl, Sep 03 2007

       Ahead, I see a break in the fog.   

       If the smoke actually came to the top of the balls it would be more challenging to align your shots. From above it would be clear but at table level you would have to peer through the haze to disc3ern your target.
jhomrighaus, Sep 05 2007

       i thought i voted for this, but i must have been dreaming. + in the swirling fog.
k_sra, Sep 05 2007

       This could be easily prototyped with lumps of dry ice in the pockets. Instead of 6 toads, there could be 6 different large mouthed swamp creatures: toad, turtle, gator, possum, heron, bass. When you called your shot you could specify the animal istead of the prosaic pocket location.   

       Also, I have recently seen mist generators that do not seem to involve dry ice. I think you fill them with water. Advantage: you do not need to find and store dry ice, and you have a better chance of keeping your cigar lit. Disadvantages: stuff gets moist. But if you can't stand the moisture get out of the swamp!
bungston, Sep 05 2007

       Yeah, I think this might suit pool - jump shots could look like fish leaping through the mist.
Jinbish, Sep 07 2007

       Vortexes in the mist... sold!
Runtman, Sep 07 2007

       Still a classic.
calum, Sep 06 2016

       [DesertFox] posted this in 2006 and I baked it at home once. [link]   

       Fill the pockets with muddy water, too, so that when a ball gets potted you get a satisfying "plop" instead of the usual "THUD".
Wrongfellow, Sep 08 2016


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