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Swarf-collecting magnets

An easy way to deal with stray metal filings inside the transmission
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As already implied, this deals more with the transmission than the engine. The idea is simple. Inside a closed compartment, containing many metal gears continuously engaging and disengaging, there is bound to be an ever increasing amount of sharp, dangerous, interfering metal filings flying all over the place, eventually causing the demise of the system. A simple way of controlling this "swarf" would be to strategically insert magnets inside the compartment to attract it away from the important bits. These could then, for instance, be removed anually, thus increasing the life of the gears.
DRstrathmore, Jul 14 2002

The Filter Master http://www.thefilte...com/testresults.htm
a.k.a. 'The Bear Trap' [phoenix, Jul 14 2002]


       removed anally? oh dear
po, Jul 14 2002

       Come on, sensible arguments. You almost made me believe that I rwote that.
DRstrathmore, Jul 14 2002

       Now, I've never cursed the swarf in my life, but it sounds like a good idea to get those "klingons" out of your transmission. Obligatory puns:   

       Fisherman Swarf
Swarf, Klingon Warrior
Swarfmore College/University
polartomato, Jul 14 2002

       Having some experience with swarf and magnets (but none with engines), I suspect that the magnets would magnetize the metal of the transmission, thus defeating the purpose.
DrCurry, Jul 14 2002

       //Magnetized drainplugs are common in cars transmissions and engines.//
...and have been for quite some time. My 1962 Rover had three (engine, gearbox and final-drive), as did all four of my Triumphs.
angel, Jul 15 2002

       Rats, looks like I've been found out.
DRstrathmore, Jul 15 2002

       There are several types of swarf when it comes to cutting records... Ogre swarf comes from cutting a 78 and is very thick. Regular or Microgroove swarf comes from cutting a 33-1/3 or 45 RPM record, while Dwarf Swarf comes from cutting a master for a CED, and Elven swarf comes from writing the words "IBM" with a scanning tunnelling microscope.
Amishman35, Jul 16 2002


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