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Swarming cop tracking

track cops through inter-car communication
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Would you like to know where cops are lying in wait for speeders as you speed down the highway? Radar detectors are illegal in someplaces and don't always give you enough warning.

I have two proposals for guarding the guardians of law and order.

1. Enable a bluetooth device in each car. It would have GPS and a clock. When you see a cop, you press a button. The device records the location and a time. When you pass another vehicle, it offers this information, and you download what the other vehicle claims.

If you pass by 5 vehicles, and they all say there's a cop ahead, there's likely to be a cop ahead.

2. Enable cars with some kind of cell phone or something, instead of bluetooth. When you press the 'cop' button, the cellphone uploads the time/location data to A CENTRAL PLACE WHERE all subscribers upload cop tracking data. Subscribers to this service can will have their cellphone device automatically load cop position data, so they can be aware of police presence.

If you want to make it really cool, swap out 'press a button when you see a cop' to 'the device will automatically record time and location when it senses radar' in the above.

lawpoop, Oct 21 2003

Communicating Cars http://www.halfbake...ommunicating_20Cars
Similar implementation, but for traffic prediction, not cop avoidance. Idea by [flyfast] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

Road Angel http://www.dlq.co.uk/roadangel.htm
The Road Angel...I think I hate it... [inc_b, Oct 04 2004]


       Besides probably being illegal, it encourages dangerous driving. Of course, because I'm an idiot, this device would have saved me a few hundred dollars by now...but I have to vote this idea down, half because it scares me and half because something similar is already baked in the 'Road Angel' (see link), which is designed as a hazard warning, but is used for cop warning too.
inc_b, Oct 21 2003

       I'll kill that mo fo as soon as I track them down.
lawpoop, Oct 21 2003

       Also, if tracking radar signals, the number of false alarms would be astronomical, as anyone with a good radar detector would attest to.
austere_apathy, Oct 21 2003

       Would the source of false alarms affect all vehicles equally?
lawpoop, Oct 24 2003


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