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Road Rage Signs

don't waste energy on raising that finger! show them a sign!
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Instead of straining your voice or givin mean glares, let the signs tell them! Custom made signs that come out of your car to flash to the bad drivers what yu'd like to say to them! "Get off my rear", "Move!" or "Schmo" would be a few popular ones.
bebe525252, Jun 28 2000

(?) Road Rage Toys http://www.roadragetoy.com
The device [centauri] describes. [jutta, Jun 28 2000]


       Make them bullet proof and you might have something there.   

       Actually, this was baked into the form of a spiral bound book. One of the pages is thicker, made of plastic (perhaps Kevlar would be better), and shaped like a handle. With a quick flip of the tabbed pages you can tick someone off, flirt, or request help.   

       The real solution to this (and most of the other car problems addressed in jutta's links) is to learn that there are no real ragers or idiots on the road. We have met the enemy and he is us.
centauri, Jun 28 2000

       I hooked up some spotlights to the back of my car. If anyone's got their brights on or is tailgating, I turn them on.
AfroAssault, Sep 14 2000

       It was Yoooooooouu! A friend-scratch that-acquaintance of mine had a preprinted word-on-the-street paddle back in 1980, He was a poseur and wrecked several cars while screwing around with his paddle. He met the enemy and it was him alright.
thumbwax, Sep 18 2000

       For my first laptop, a wrote a simple program wherein I could keep a list of phrases, quickly menu-selectable. These displayed in huge black type. Anything you can do with a spiral-bound notebook can be done almost as well with a $4000 computer.
Harry, Sep 19 2000

       Ah yes, a friends father bought one and we spent a few constructive hours re-programming this long tracking LED array. Needless to say my friend was grounded for a short while.
cyberprog, Apr 21 2001

       I thought this would be about road signs that have road rage somehow in them, so that you can enjoy federally arranged fully legal road rage. :-(
pashute, Apr 06 2015


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