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Swedish Fish Pins

Pins made out of sweedish fish
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These pins are handcrafted form the finest sweedish fish. The candy is pinnified and allowed to harden for a period of time. Then, they are branded with a special insignia on the back that closely resembles a nude woman wearing one of the pins.
daseva, Dec 06 2005

*Swedish* Fish http://store.yahoo....ate/swedfiscan.html
Soft and chewy candy, it seems. Not well-suited to use as jewelry, it would appear. [DrCurry, Dec 06 2005]


       What *are* you talking about?
DrCurry, Dec 06 2005

       <checks world drinking time clock> uh huh <cwdtc>
skinflaps, Dec 06 2005

       //candy is pinnified // Is this some process related to walrus and sea-lions?
coprocephalous, Dec 06 2005

       [skinflaps] PLEASE tell me that the world drinking time clock exists, I sooo want one.
Edit: I'd also like you to tell me that it is two hundred feet high and set into a mountain somewhere. Because that'd be cool.

       //candy is pinnified // on HMS Pinnifor, presumably.
moomintroll, Dec 06 2005

       [skin], do you have my drinking time clock? I've had to just start drinking randomly.
Worldgineer, Dec 06 2005

       what happened to the surplus e ?   

       how does the random <swig> drinking thing woik?
po, Dec 06 2005

       Whaddaya mean? <gulp> I learned it from you.
Worldgineer, Dec 06 2005

       //nude woman wearing one of the pins//   

       uh, ouch. why for?
Zuzu, Dec 06 2005

       For authenticity.
daseva, Dec 07 2005

       As is often the case, out of the annos comes an idea that supasses the idea. The World Time Drinking Clock....
normzone, Dec 07 2005


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