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Sweeney Todd Windscreen Wipers

cut-throat razor replacement car windscreen wipers
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Sweeney Todd Windscreen Wipers come in three parts, and are easily fitted to most vehicles.

The standard pylons holding the blades in place are simply replaced by a set of bony arms, which terminate in a pair of skeletal hands. These hands clutch the elongated, open cut-throat razors, which conceal the rubber strips, whose job it is to do the actual wiping of the glass.

The third part of the apparatus is an additional container of screen wiper fluid in the form of fake blood. This can be selected as an alternative to the regular cleaner, at the flick of a knob on the dashboard.

Now when you activate your wipers you can enjoy the effect of a pair of cut- throat razors swishing backwards and forwards, clearing a path through the jets of fake blood squirting up from below the bonnet.

xenzag, Jan 25 2008

(?) Sweeney Todd http://www.hfxnews....-Movies-Todd700.jpg
A famous mechanic checking a blade for signs of nicks and wear, that might otherwise damage the windscreen. [xenzag, Jan 25 2008]

Here's a whole community of people who would appreciate this http://coffincorner...rds89.com/index.cgi
[Ned_Ludd, Jan 25 2008]

Possible application http://www.showrods...t_hill_express.html
or it would be if this thing had a windscreen [Ned_Ludd, Jan 25 2008]

Another possible application http://www.showrods...s/bad_medicine.html
which doesn't have a windscreen either [Ned_Ludd, Jan 25 2008]

And another http://www.showrods...es/stage_ghost.html
ditto re windscreen [Ned_Ludd, Jan 25 2008]

The classic http://www.showrods...ges/lil_coffin.html
and it's even got a little sliver of glass in there [Ned_Ludd, Jan 25 2008]

More http://www.showrods...munsters_koach.html
quite an expanse of glass there [Ned_Ludd, Jan 25 2008]

But this is just plain silly http://www.showrods...es/bat_machine.html
[Ned_Ludd, Jan 25 2008]


       Hmmm... I haven't seen the movie.
BJS, Jan 25 2008

       +. or if you're squeamish, it could squirt shaving cream instead.
jaksplat, Jan 25 2008


       That would put the wind up the traffic-queue windscreen cleaners !
8th of 7, Jan 25 2008

       (re: custom car links) I prefer the idea of it fitted to an otherwise very ordinary saloon car, where the contrast is accentuated.
xenzag, Jan 25 2008


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