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Swiss Army Crutch

A variety of useful tools at arms reach
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When injury forces folks to use crutches, it seems a shame to load up their arms with single-use preoccupations. A couple of tools like pinchers or a sharper tip for poking/prying along with a medical alert signal would make the healing process less frustrating. I believe a flashlight attachment has been previously suggested. I'm sure there are many other tools that would prove useful. It would be expensive but may be able to be leased for medium length recoverys.
sledboy, Jun 03 2004

Nevermind, my idea has been invented. http://www.westons....w_Crutches_931.html
Seat Crutch [sartep, Oct 04 2004]


       Sure, why not? After all, somebody invented fishsticks.
shapu, Jun 03 2004

       Actually this gives me an idea. +
sartep, Jun 03 2004

       A big ol' air horn comes to mind.
skinflaps, Feb 12 2008

       Maybe it could be hollowed out and customised by preserved-fruit loving musical apiarists.
coprocephalous, Feb 12 2008

       It wouldn't have to be utility driven. There could be blinged out crutches with video games or GPS navigation systems. There could be an OnStar-esque service that detects when the crutch user has fallen.   

       Maybe ones that sense backwards movement and emit a beeping sound.   

       Could put a swiffer on the bottom of the crutch.
Mister P, Feb 12 2008

       The crutches could recognize their owner, so whenever someone asks "can I try out your crutches?" the crutches set themselves to be pointy, lopsided, and uncomfortable, giving that person new respect for you to have the skills to use them.
phundug, Feb 14 2008

       I do like the idea that [Mister P]has thought of.   

       Crutches that resound a reversing audible intermittent "beep" whist taking steps or shuffles backwards.   

       Might take that one to Ol' Bob, down at the patent office.
skinflaps, Feb 14 2008


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