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Swiss Barometer

A little bird pops out dressed appropriately for the weather
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On the hour and half-hour, or when you press the button.

It might need to be plugged into the weather forecast sites to make sure you don't get caught in afternoon showers, say. If need be, we might replace the little bird with an on-screen representation.

DrCurry, Nov 26 2002

Like this, [angel]? http://www.germanma...weather_house_1.htm
And this from the country that brought you the BMW [brownpaper, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       would there be multiple birds in the back each dressed differently with the appropriate one coming forward for viewing or would there be some mechanism in place for changing the outfit of one single bird?
Marassa, Nov 26 2002

       Integrate temperature and humidity sensors with the a cookoo clock. Multiple birds electronically chosen in queue, with raingear, winter coat, etc. Could work.
RayfordSteele, Nov 26 2002

       Popping out, in consort, from a door above where the bird pops out could be little weather objects like a sun, a cloud, a cloud with a bolt of lightning, snow, the pursed lips of Mr. Wind, etc.   

       The platform the bird pops out upon could also have different weather indicators such as a coating of snow, rain, a swirl of leaves and brambles (indicating windy conditions), etc.
bristolz, Nov 26 2002

       If it was a British version, it could have two old dears in big coats and fluffy Queen Mother stylee hats popping out of the front of the clock. They would be standing at a bus stop with those shopping carts they all have. They would have a conversation that goes along the lines of 'Ooooh, isn't it cold/hot/wet/windy' ,whatever, and that 'the bus is always late these days, not like in the old days, that'll be because of all those foreigners' Then when the bus does eventually arrive, they will get on, fumble interminably in their bags for a purse, then poke around in their purse for exactly the right change, wich will be wrong, 'cos the fare hasn't been 2 farthings for about 70 years. then by the time they get the right change and found a seat, and the bus is under way again(even later now) the weather will have changed to hail/snow/firestorm/meteorite shower and the two old dears will be moaning about the 'youth of today' and the lack of respect they have for their elders. God I'm sooo glad I moved to new Zealand and bought a car....
briandamage, Nov 26 2002

       What will Mr Cuckoo wear to indicate "changeable" weather? Perhaps rolled-up shirtsleeves, but with a heavy coat draped over one wing, "just in case".
friendlyfire, Nov 27 2002

       following on from bris's thoughts - a little refillable bucket of water over the birds door which overturns on wet days to give him a sudden deluge. neat one Doctor - love it.
po, Nov 27 2002

       My grandmother had a little cuckoo-clock-style device which performed similarly. Depending on the weather, an appropriately dressed figure would emerge from one or the other of two doorways.
angel, Nov 27 2002

       Both ........
8th of 7, Nov 27 2002

       That's pretty much the picture, yes. (Actually, the figures were a woman in a summer dress and a man in an overcoat.)
I had entirely fogotten about this typically my-grandmother-ish item until reading this idea.
angel, Nov 27 2002

       <Maxwell Smart>The 'ol Bird of Paradise trick, eh</Maxwell Smart>
thumbwax, Nov 27 2002

       If there was a tornado warning, would the little people run outside and jump down a hatch ?
8th of 7, Nov 27 2002

       <Old lady waiting for bus>And you know, the youngsters these days all they have to do is come up with some sort of new fangled novelty clock idea and they think the world owes them a croissant!<Old lady..>
egbert, Nov 27 2002

       angel/brownpaper: argh, I think that pretty much bakes it, however cheesily.
DrCurry, Nov 27 2002

       [DrCurry], I think you're looking at the reason why BB guns were invented ....
8th of 7, Nov 27 2002

       [brownpaper]: Exactly like that. Gross, n'est-ce pas?
angel, Nov 27 2002

       bliss: maybe someone doesn't like the weather, but I would also think anyone who's seen one of those things in brownpaper's link would never want to see one again.
DrCurry, Nov 27 2002

       brilliant idea, would sell brilliantly to the older british public, especially auld scottish grannies, who are always roasting when its snowing, and take their jacket out with them just in case when we have the hottest summer on record. what would you do if you wanted to find out the weather in advance for the following day?
hairy_arsed_man, Sep 11 2003


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