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chiming barometer

Barometer that chimes the pressure
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If you are interested in weather monitoring, why not put chimes on a digital barometer? Have it indicate centimeters using the first 9 beats of a pop song or something, then use maybe a scale of notes to indicate the millimeters. Use 2 difeerent tunes to distinguish a rising from a falling reading.

The barometer would chime each millimeter as it was crossed.

Juuitchan2, Mar 12 2002

kinda baked http://www.stormwise.com/barometerj.htm
[lumpy, Mar 12 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Weather tunes http://www.frii.com...rSongs/songops.html
Some options for my musical barometer [waugsqueke, Mar 13 2002]


       Baked. Who would have thunk it? Good idea, though.
lumpy, Mar 12 2002

       Peter: I have 4 cats and they have no meterological skills whatsoever.
bluerowan, Mar 13 2002

       I'd like a barometrically controlled mp3 player. When the pressure is high it plays "Good Day Sunshine," "Sunshine of Your Love," "Blue Skies," etc. As it drops the music gets more and more gloomy, until it's playing "Rain," "Stormy Weather," even "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". Of course, you'd have a thermometer, hygrometer and anemometer hooked into the system, so it would also know when to play "Windy" and "Let It Snow."   

       This could also be a music channel offered over digital cable.
waugsqueke, Mar 13 2002

       But [wuagskueqe], how would you ever find a song for it to play after rain, when visibility is good and you can see clearly, after the rain has gone...?
hippo, Mar 13 2002

       I can see for miles and miles and miles and miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles. BTW, in my view - Roger Daltrey has the loveliest home in Beverly Hills. I was there for the umpteenth time last night dropping off a script.
thumbwax, Mar 15 2002

       At least Daltry could see him coming.
bristolz, Mar 15 2002

       Hey waugs, a new misspelling for your collection...   

       <amusement at the OVERDRAMATISM of Lumpy's kinda baked barometer..."This electronic barometer has a LARGE 1.25-inch high LCD display READABLE ACROSS THE ROOM. It has two pressure change storm warning alarms!">
StarChaser, Mar 16 2002


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