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A clockwork swing
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Yes, yes, mechanical swings exist. But they're for babies, you have to hand-crank them and they run for what, 3 minutes? Maybe five.

This idea is for a swingset with one or more master-slave pairings such that the operator of the master swing winds a clockwork spring mechanism that causes the slave swing(s) to move. The speed of the slave swing is controlled by the speed of the master swing and a gearing mechanism like that of a multi-speed bike. If your "passenger" wants to go faster, you can either swing faster yourself or bump the gear up a notch.

Now Mom and/or Dad can keep the kids happy while actually playing along. No more standing behind or in front of a wildly thrashing 20+ pound mass just waiting to crack you in the jaw with an errant sneaker.

phoenix, Sep 07 2003


       Can I swing on your swong? I haven't swong swung before.
Cedar Park, Sep 07 2003

       can I look after your kids for an hour please?
po, Sep 08 2003

       Might go over well with swingers.
thumbwax, Sep 08 2003

       This could work well with older kids also.   

       Have two master swings, one on each side of the slave swing. Each master swing contributes force, for driving the slave swing, independently of the other. The "drive" springs should be strong enough to swing the "slave rider" completely around the horizontal bar.   

       It's the older kids that operate the master swings, competing enthusiastically with no one in particular, just to put mom or dad in "orbit" around the swing set.   

       Fantastic, [phoenix]! +
Tiger Lily, Sep 08 2003

       This could be developed with seesaws that teeter several tots and slides that lift lil'uns.
FarmerJohn, Sep 08 2003

       If there was a point where a kid grew too old to be allowed into the play park then would his last go be his Swong song?   

       [later... keep "Swong". Its a great name.]
Jinbish, Sep 08 2003

       Would this be for city-dwelling children with very regular swing cycles? You know, metrognomes?
Don Quixote, Sep 08 2003

       Hey, I'll entertain name changes. Naming is my poorest skill, right after idea generation. I was going to call it Swing-O, so I guess it could have been worse.
phoenix, Sep 08 2003

       So [Phoenix], just how many shoe prints do you have on your face?
Payback, Sep 08 2003

       Oh, I get walked over all the time so I've lost count.
phoenix, Sep 08 2003

       Do Swongs! Live Long!
bungston, Sep 08 2003

       What's wrong with this name? It's memorable, descriptive, and _way_ better than Swing-O. Just because it becons puns, doesn't mean that people don't like it. They're just brainstorming marketing slogans for when you make your millions.
Cedar Park, Sep 08 2003

       "Swong, swung, true... weeping like a willow..."
RayfordSteele, Sep 10 2003

       According to how many croissants you have up there, this swong really got off well. I like it! Now just get a patent before I steal it! [Just kidding]
tustin, Sep 11 2003

       Swong, swung, blue...made in Amarillo.
Zimmy, Sep 12 2003

       I want one. I'll need the three swing version (i need to keep two kids going!).
goff, Sep 12 2003

       Funny thing, that you can swing it
to the height of your choice, (a swong swung true)
and when you start to swing it, start to feeling good
you simply must rejoice...

       (I think we've got your marketing hook)
RayfordSteele, Sep 12 2003

       Was in Switzerland last week - they had a master-slave swing setup at Lake Konstanz. Seemed great fun.
loonquawl, Apr 22 2009

       I find the words "master", "slave" and "swing" sit uncomfortably in the same sentence. Maybe it is just my warped mind.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 22 2009

       So, not a sword-thong, then.
normzone, Apr 22 2009

       Swing that rings citywide gong?
leinypoo13, Apr 22 2009


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