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E pluribus lux
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At your average elementary school concert or similar event, you'll find nearly every parent with a cell phone in hand, diligently snapping poorly lit photos from halfway across the room. The problem is the flashes on most camera phones just aren't that powerful, and can't do much for a dark auditorium. If the power of all of these flashes could be harnessed together, however, everyone would benefit from a much greater amount of available light.

Enter the Synchroflash app. All of the phones running the app talk to each other, and when any person takes a picture, all of the linked phones would turn their flashes on simultaneously. The camera taking the picture would then measure the total amount of light available before snapping the picture.

With standard cameras becoming more sophisticated, this could also have applications for DSLR users. Need to get just a bit more light when shooting from a distance? Just set up your phone(s) next to the subject, and voila—impromptu wireless flash!

ytk, Dec 20 2012


       [+] Hell on your battery though.
sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 20 2012

       And Lisa's blinked in *everybody's* picture. [+]
lurch, Dec 20 2012


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