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Side-pointing camera

Cell phone additional camera that points sideways
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Ever notice how people start looking less cool the moment you point a camera at them? Ever wanted to take a picture around the corner without being observed? Add a side-pointing camera to the cell-phone chassis. Now you can take a picture without being observed or without looking like you are taking a picture. You'll get natural looking scenes without cheesy grins or people covering up their faces. You'll also be able to see your view screen while holding your camera so that it peeks around a corner with a very low profile.
nebosite, Oct 24 2012

(?) The Super-Secret Spy Lens http://photojojo.co...otography-spy-lens/
This is one example of the 35mm equivalent - I used one many years ago when I was in college, and it was great for taking candid shots of cute girls in cafes. ( Having read Alterother's prediction, let me say for the record that it was back in the 90's before teh intarwebs and porn) [zen_tom, Oct 25 2012]

Rule 34 http://xkcd.com/305/
[hippo, Oct 25 2012]

HiLO lens http://www.gizmag.c...ne-ipad-lens/24684/
The HiLO lens is a right-angle lens that attaches to an iDevice’s existing lens, allowing users to shoot up, down or to either side while still being able to view the screen. [xaviergisz, Oct 25 2012]

See Rule 34 above... https://www.google....F656474%3B474%3B632
[normzone, Sep 03 2013]

Even older prior art http://www.college-...inment/jealousy.cfm
Jealousy glasses from way back... [neutrinos_shadow, Sep 04 2013]


       I predict surge in locker-room and upskirt/downblouse pics hitting the Interwebs.*   

       *in case anybody's been wondering about this and other recent comments, I've been doing some careful research on Internet pornography; mostly not my cuppa, but interesting. It's for a story I'm writing. Honest.
Alterother, Oct 24 2012

       The camera screen should also display the video game "Angry Birds" and make the camera controls similar to the buttons/motions you'd use to play the video game.
phundug, Oct 24 2012

       //I've been doing some careful research on Internet pornography;// Sure, I think there are quite a lot of researchers in this field!
pocmloc, Oct 24 2012

       Yes, but most of them are looking at the pictures. I'm only reading it for the articles, so to speak.   

       The pictures of naked women are okay, too.
Alterother, Oct 24 2012

       I used to do precisely this with my baby Rollei. Since the 127 was a square format, there was no aspect change having the picture on it's side; as it was a TLR, I could sometimes even use the viewfinder while doing it - though I generally didn't.   

       [Alterother] - Does TGFJ know? Approve?
lurch, Oct 25 2012

       She knows and, because she's heard the general premise, because we analyze* at some of the material together, and because I really am mostly reading articles and essays, she approves. She is a fundamental part of my process right from the first read of the rough draft, frequently from the conceptual stage.   

       I really don't know why I brought it up at all. Perhaps it's because I have now posted three recent annos that indicate intimate familiarity with pornography and I'm feeling self- conscious.   

       * Don't. Just don't. I know want to crack wise about that, but for gods' sake show a little restraint.
Alterother, Oct 25 2012

       Really?! Where??   

       For, uh, research, of course.
ytk, Oct 25 2012

       Rule 34 of the Internet: "If you can imagine it, there is porn of it" (see link)
hippo, Oct 25 2012

       Better to install high-res networked cameras literally everywhere and on everything. That way, whenever you think "that would make a great photograph" you just have to go on the network and grab the image.   

       In fact perhaps you could just wear a brain implant that would do the image tagging / retrieval for you automatically as soon as you imagine a photograph.
pocmloc, Oct 25 2012

       Could a snap on or glue on mirror give an ordinary cell phone these special powers? 45 degree mirror or some split image lensey thingy.
popbottle, Mar 02 2014

       That's a marketable product, [pop]. Cheap, simple, very Bakeable, mass appeal. Clip on telephoto and wide angle lenses are already on the market.   

       Make it rotatable for left/forwards/right selection.
8th of 7, Mar 02 2014

       I thought this was going to be a camera you wear in your ear
caspian, Apr 15 2017


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