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Synthesised speech ringtone

Have mobile phones speak the name of the person who's calling
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Basic speech synthesisers aren't huge in terms of code size.They don't need massive amounts of processor power. So why not have mobile phones that speak the number that's calling you, instead of playing irritating twiddly tunes ? If the number is in your phone book, it could speak the name of the person instead using a text-to-speech converter.

This could be a major aid to people with visual impairments who can't use conventional caller display systems.

Or you could lie in bed and listen your boss calling and your phone merrily reciting "B*llocks ..... B*llocks ..... B*llocks ..." and never need to open your eyes to know to ignore the call.

8th of 7, Jun 20 2002


       Or record their voice saying your name from a conversation so that instead of ringing, it will call your name and you will (hopefully) recognize the voice.
FarmerJohn, Jun 20 2002

       Farmer John: That would be another option. You could have your beloved's voice softly calling "Darling ..... Darling .... Darling ...".   

       What it did when your husband/wife called would be a different option.
8th of 7, Jun 20 2002

       My brother and I were sitting in the office, waiting for a car salesman to come back, his phone started to ring;..."Are you there?" "Are you there?"   

       My brother and I looked at each other, then totally cracked up. Everyone in the place was looking at us...
StarChaser, Jun 20 2002

       Some existing phones will let you record speech samples to use as ringtones, and let you associate a ringtone with a specific number. However, the problem with spoken ring-signals (can't really call them ring *tones* I guess) is that they aren't as easy to hear as conventional beeps/rings. Especially through the typical crappy phone speaker or if your phone's in your bag or another room.   

       This feature could be included when you pick up the phone to answer it, but wouldn't be very useful as a replacement for a ringer.
pottedstu, Jun 20 2002

       Or random cursing...
waugsqueke, Jun 25 2002

       All I can think of is that episode of "the Twilight Zone", where the guy visits a casino and later starts hearing the machines calling his name, in their rattling little voices.   


1percent, Jun 25 2002

       Maybe this will cheer up pottedstu: my landline phone combines a ring, a caller-specific chirp, and a speech recording.
• The ring is normal, and thus as audible as anything.
•The chirp that follows is actually a priority ring that lets me know someone "important" is calling. While I love caller ID, this signal tells me what's going on before I'm anywhere near a phone.
•The optional speech recording is of my voice saying the caller's name. (Of course, if I could convince these callers to say their name after "It's me...", then voila, but I think this is good enough). The combination of the 3 sounds a bit busy, and it is. But, it works, and gets me to pick up the phone fast.
tharsaile, Jun 26 2002


       Now available in a Tourette's version ...
8th of 7, Mar 06 2010

       Looking around there is a bucketload of speech synthesis stuff for the iphone, but nothing specifically like this (that can be found easily), even after the brief intermission between the creation of this idea and now...   

       This is easily baked if you have some programming know-how and the motivation to do it, though. [+]
xxobot, Mar 08 2010

       "who's 'Jenny' and why is she calling you ?"
FlyingToaster, Mar 08 2010


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