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The Anual Halfbakery awards
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The anual event with awards presented for talents such as Most Innovative Idea, most Profitable Idea etc. Winners would be selected by a panel of judges (to be fair), and judged according to the average croissants/fishbones awarded in total on all ideas posted. Awards for 'worst' would also be distibuted. The awards would be similar to oscars, except golden croissants...and fishbones of course (horrible and smelly looking). Each award would have a group of nominees, and a biref visual description of some of their ideas, then the lucky winner would be announced to take the floor, recieve their award and make a small speech. The ceremony would be a rather big presegious event, with a celebrity audience, as well as other inventors and head-hunters. This type of event could promote members and their ideas, in a bid to make the best ones a reality.
shinobi, May 29 2004


       Baking is its own reward. Not counting the money, glamour and groupies.
Detly, May 30 2004

       "And the award for most original spelling goes to…"   

       Seriously, some of your ideas are quite good and would do better if you posted via a text editor.
FarmerJohn, May 30 2004

       Speech, speech!   

       Apart from the advantage of being able to nominate jutta and the moderators (the new music sensation!) for the 'putting up with us award', I don't think it's a good idea.   

       (Also: this belongs somewhere in the halfbakery category.)
RobertKidney, May 30 2004

       I think the satisfaction of halfbaking doesn't come from knowing or making everyody know that your ideas are better than other people's. This isn't a contest. However, I don't think shinobi's intention behind the idea wasn't to make the halfbakery be felt as that.
Pericles, May 30 2004

       How can one NOT love you, Blissy ;)
Pericles, May 30 2004

       [FJ] That's why we have anal retentive half-bakers whose favourite anno begins with "sp:"
kbecker, May 31 2004

       <Sarcasm> Oh big suprise. I wonder who is gonna win best timepiece this year.<S> +
sartep, Jun 01 2004


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