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Volunteer tag for HB comments on Ideas

Add a checkbox "I'd loved to work for this idea to come true" to the comment form on HB. Display these comments differently from others.
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For example, these comments could be displayed as "[marked-as-volunteer]" or something like it.

Add policy to use the feature only if the user actually explains what he or she thinks she or he could accomplish (not necessarily mentioning the price, resume details or motivation details), and why he or she is so sure about his or her ability to do so.

This feature, I believe, though simple to realize, perhaps could help to accelerate the realization of some of the ideas through making the information about the potential workers more visible to the potential entrepreneur/investor readers.

Inyuki, Apr 14 2009


       I was under the impression that this was a website for poorly thought out ideas.
"We don nee no steenking Volunteeer tags!"
gnomethang, Apr 14 2009

       Shouldn't that be ...
"We don't need no steeenkin Pledges!"
Zimmy, Apr 14 2009

       Could be.
Hi Zimmy!
gnomethang, Apr 14 2009

       Probably better if you adopt the oolongftanftangbank scheme method for this.
zeno, Apr 15 2009

       I feel so daft. What does that mean??? Please let me in on the halfbakeryism. Please.
blissmiss, Apr 15 2009

       //oolongftan...//What does that mean???// It is/was a quite silly idea wherin people who type a specific string of characters on their profile allow other (or even the same) people to run a specific search in order to find them.   

       I'm not sure it's a good idea to merge two separate sets of people under a single silly word. It may be the case that the set of people who self-identify as oolongftan...bankian might not fully coincide with those who are interested in volunteering to accomplish actual real-world things.
zen_tom, Apr 15 2009

       great now when I search oolongft... string this idea keeps popping up! Wer gonna need a nu ooolongft...timmy.
4whom, Apr 15 2009

       It's ok, [zeno] left out the first 'g' (on purpose I presume) but yes, it's preferable to only refer to it in a shortened form outside of its intended usage - "Oolong-etc", or "that Oolong thing" both work quite well.
zen_tom, Apr 15 2009

       If I wanted to work on somebody's idea, I'd make an anno to that effect and start a conversation with the poster if he/she is around and/or other members; at least to find out if there's a "catch" to the idea.   

       And if I did try to bake an idea (for more than personal usage), I'd definitely contact the originator to see if he/she wanted some kind of credit, though frankly that would just be a courtesy.   

       Other than that, the whole idea (adopting an official tag) is contrary to the general working of the HB IMnsHO.
FlyingToaster, Apr 15 2009


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