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The NDA pool

Where halfbakers can find the other half
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Never be alone again with a patentable idea. Your fellow Halfbakers to the rescue!!

(Edited. Was with spelling misteak: aloan)

If you have a real idea but want to discuss it, and are willing to give credit and a part of your business to anyone who actually advances it, this is the website for you. The NDA allows you to still get a patent, although opened to discussion to a somewhat wide public.

Every entry into the idea's details and thread, even read-only, is recorded.

The user can prove within a short amount of time since joining an idea's discussion, if they had whatever information prior to the idea being posted. Otherwise the idea is shared with the community and they, the entering user, if if he or she in fact did hear of this, are prohibited from disclosing it.

All users of the NDA pool (NDAP) sign a general NDA saying that when joining an NDAP idea, they will not further disclose it on to anyone and that they agree to be restricted later on from accessing the idea if the owner decides to bar them out of the discussion. All activity is recorded and the dates and snapshot of the idea each time you entered are saved.

The idea originator as well as members of the team may choose to mark someone's advice as useful, and a separate discussion would be started, once the idea advanced to actual development, serious planning or patenting as to how to devide the spoils.

Of course the website has professional arbitrating administrators who are accepted in advance when things get out of hand.

pashute, Aug 02 2020


       I never give out loans to patentable ideas. Or perhaps you meant loam?
RayfordSteele, Aug 02 2020

       //when things get out of hand// I like the absence of "if" from this statement, sir!
pocmloc, Aug 02 2020

       After WWII, when my mother came to Toronto she learned in school that ea is to be read ee. When her mother, who previously taught English in Romania, prepared steak and pronounced it Stake, my mother who was then around 11 years old argued with her that you should pronounce it Steek.
pashute, Aug 02 2020

       Yea! Eat heartily, yeah?
pertinax, Aug 02 2020

       The thing is, the person that has the real solution, for perfect success , may be outside the NDA pool. Pot luck I guess.   

       Just rephrase the seminal idea as a wacking halfbakery trope and only the knowing will know.
wjt, Aug 05 2020


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