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TV AD Alert

Know what the next Ad is.
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Some adverts really annoy me and i would like to know what ones are coming up. maybe, at the end of the show, or just before the break, they show at the bottom of the TV, the adverts that are coming up, so that i can go out the room if it that annoying WAZZZZZZAPPPPPPPP, budwheazer advert, or if its the good British Airways 21st Century Travel advert, then i could watch it 'cuse i likes it.

[Mix Match Space Show: Set Your Phazers To Stun, Yes, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Set a course for the alpha quadrant]

[ sctld ], Oct 14 2000

Commercials Listed in TV Guides http://www.halfbake..._20In_20TV_20guides
Pretty much halfbaked. [egnor, Oct 14 2000]


       whats the use of ads then if people dont watch?
sridhar236, Jun 05 2006


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