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TV/VCR ad filter user network.

ad free at last, ad free at last, thank god almighty it's ad free at last!
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Basically, you buy this box for your TV that hooks up to the internet when you see and ad you hit a button that says ~OH NO!~ and it sends the station, time etc to the central database. From all the people doing this the database is able to cut out ads for other people recording the show. You get points for hitting the ~OH NO!~ button at the right time and you redeem the points for advert free recordings.
futurebird, Feb 28 2001


       So it depends on a large number of thoughtful watchers and a small number of trouble makers to make sure that people taping the program see only the program?
centauri, Feb 28 2001

       The 'corectness' of your vote would be based on how close it is to the majority of votes. With enough data you should be able to tell when the advert really starts . . .
futurebird, Feb 28 2001

       Would have problems with things like timezones and local commercials overlaying network ones...
StarChaser, Mar 03 2001


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